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    Review of THERE GOES THE BRIDE by Lori Wilde (see her website)

    Forever, March 2007

    Houston heiress Delaney Cartwright is marrying the perfect man--a wealthy, kind, handsome doctor, Evan Van Zandt, she has known forever. So why does she keep postponing the wedding? It might be because her socialite mother has turned the wedding planning into a living hell. It might be because she wonders why she and Evan's love life is so bland. Or it might be the sexy stranger she accidentally almost kidnaps when she was planning to whisk off Evan for an afternoon of passion. Ever since she touched a certain "magic" wedding veil, she's been dreaming of just such a man, one who makes her heart beat faster and her blood sizzle.

    But he's the wrong man for her--isn't he? Besides, Nick Vinetti doesn't want a woman in his life. He's still smarting from the fact his ex-wife left him on their honeymoon for another man.

    But Delaney and Nick can't avoid each other when Delaney agrees to stage his beloved grandmother's house to help her sell it. Soon Delaney knows she can't marry Evan--it wouldn't be fair to him because she doesn't love him. But neither can she bear to call off the wedding. The plan she comes up with is bold and crazy--she hires a man to kidnap her from the church.

    This was a wonderfully engaging romance. It's easy to appreciate Delaney's dilemma, and Nick is a thoroughly lovable and sexy wounded hero. The sexual tension between these two really sizzles. I was a little disappointed, though, that the hooky premise does not occur until the very end of the book. This book is not about a runaway bride. Still, the overall quality of the book is excellent.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/18/08

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