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    Review of TALL TALES AND WEDDING VEILS by Jane Graves (see her website)

    Grand Central Forever, June 2008

    Heather Montgomery is practical. She's a CPA, a size 14, and she's just not the kind of woman a sexy guy looks at twice. Still, she's in Las Vegas for her cousin's bachelorette event, and when she sees sexy Tony McCaffrey from back home (he doesn't recognize her, of course), she wants to help him. He needs another twenty thousand to buy the bar he's dreamed of managing, but his angel investor has just backed off and Tony has proven his gambling isn't the way to earn the money he needs.

    Heather found a ten dollar chip, and she's sure it's good luck--the key to Tony's twenty thousand. But by the time the evening is over, they're drunk, in bed together, and there's a marriage license on the bed next to them.

    Being married wouldn't be a problem--except Heather was so drunk, she called her mother--and now she's going to be attending her cousin's wedding as the married for eight hours woman. Tony may play the field, may have about as much interest in being faithful as he does in becoming a priest, but he doesn't want to let Heather down--for one thing, she did win him his twenty thousand dollars. Surely he can manage a fake marriage for a month--at least until the cousin's wedding is over. What neither anticipate is how being with one another will change their lives.

    Author Jane Graves (see more reviews of novels by Graves) alternates laugh-out-loud humor and gut-wrenching emotion in what may be her strongest novel yet. Heather is a wonderfully approachable heroine, with human strengths and failings, and a mostly reasonable view of herself--she really is a size 14, after all. Tony is a wonderful wounded bad-boy. TALL TALES AND WEDDING VEILS makes for a really compelling ring. I picked it up this afternoon and kept reading until I was finished. If you're looking for a romance that really comes together, that doesn't just rely on sex appeal and superficial disagreements, and that's sexy in a fun way, I suggest you give Graves and TALL TALES a try.

    I'm happy to recommend this one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/23/08

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