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    Review of SLAVE by Cheryl Brooks (see her website)


    SourceBooks Casablanca, April 2008

    Jacinth (Jack) has spent six years trying to track down her kidnapped sister. She's gotten word that Ranata was taken captive to a world where all women were slaves, where women were continually chained to their men. To be a woman alone on such a world is to be thrown into certain and permanent captivity, so Jacinth needs a male. Finding one she can trust enough to chain herself to, a man who won't sell her and leave, is a challenge. Which is why she finds herself in the slave market in Orpheseus Prime--where she finds the mysterious cat-like alien with the amazing dick.

    Jacinth can't bring herself to keep a slave and sets Cat free immediately, but with nowhere to go (his planet was destroyed), he agrees to help her out. Fortunately, Earth-humans are rare enough on the slave planet that Jacinth has no problems getting word of her sister's whereabouts. She does have problems dealing with her own attraction to Cat--and his attraction to her. She's tall and flat--often passing as a man. She has no doubt that Cat will dump her once he gets a look at her sexy sister. Then there's the whole loss of control thing--whenever she has sex, she feels intoxicated and a space pilot has to stay under control.

    Unfortunately for Jacinth's control, but fortunately for her sexual wellbeing, Cat is not only incredibly well-endowed, he also secretes some sort of liquid that creates instant orgasm the second it comes into contact with any moist tissues in her body. If she could bottle it up, she could make a fortune, which might explain why Cat's planet was destroyed in the first place.

    Author Cheryl Brooks mixes soft science fiction with erotica to deliver a readable story. Cat makes a nice change from the too-common alpha hero of romance--he's content to be Jacinth's slave. And his sexual enhancements are intriguing to think about--as is the strange liquid he emits that drives Jacinth to mega-orgasm.

    While Brooks's writing is readable, it doesn't really stand out, and I would have liked to see a bit more development in Jacinth--she seemed to go from whiny and certain her sister would steal her man to in love and confident. Also, a story where the main quest is ultimately irrelevant sets itself a tough burden to overcome. SLAVE is an interesting story, but it falls short of what it could be.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 8/21/08

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