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    Review of ROGUE by Rachel Vincent (see her website)


    MIRA, April 2008

    Faythe owed it to her father to respond to his call when he demanded she come home. Still, she doesn't like the family pressure to marry, to settle down, to raise a pack of little were-cats. And a sudden surge of werecat deaths pushes the family issues to the back burner. Someone is killing stray were-cats. To Faythe's sensitive cat-nose, the scent the killer leaves behind speaks of foreign were-cat--South-American were-cat to be specific, and Faythe has a very bad history with South-American were-cats.

    Faythe's life is complicated by the fact that she's wildly attracted to sexy one-time-stray Marc, yet Marc is a part of the whole family package. With her parents pushing her to marry Marc, Faythe has to resist as hard as she can--even if people, especially Marc, get hurt. What she hadn't banked on is that her human boyfriend is calling again--and that he's had a complete personality change. What is going on with him?

    Author Rachel Vincent creates an interesting secret history world of sexy were-cats, all doing their business while ordinary humans either miss the picture completely or think they saw bigfoot in the woods. Faythe, with her attitude problem, her kick-ass tendencies, and her too-frequent victim mentality makes a protagonist who's often frustrating, yet strong enough to drive the story forward. The romance and action portions of ROGUE aren't quite as well-integrated as I would have liked to see, and Faythe's snarky attitude occasionally grated on me, but I still found myself involved in the story, wanting to see how Faythe would track down the killer, what connection the killer had with her former captives, and now the ex and current boyfriends would interact.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 9/30/08

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