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    Review of MISTRESS AND A MILLION DOLLARS by Maxine Sullivan (see her website)


    Silhouette Desire #1855, March 2008

    When she learns that her father embezzled a million dollars, super-model Briana Davenport desperately seeks some way to help him replace that money. When her brother-in-law offers to pay her to sleep with him, she demands the million, and is surprised when he agrees. Three weeks in sexy Jarrod Hammond's arms isn't too rough work--especially with a million dollars as a reward.

    Jarrod Hammond wants Briana, but he also wants to learn her secrets. Her sister had been married to her brother when she'd died in a plane crash--with another man. Does Briana know the truth behind her sister's activities?

    As they spend time together, Jarrod realizes that Briana is not what he expected. Still, he can't understand why she allows her former lover, the man who lost all of her money, to stay in her life. (He doesn't realize she's being blackmailed).

    Author Maxine Sullivan delivers on the fantasy of a super-sexy guy willing to pay a million dollars just to sexually please a woman. I found the writing to be slow-paced (a tough job when the entire novel is only 186 pages), the sex to be not very sexy, the character motivation to be undermotivated, and frankly, the characters to be not especially likable. Briana didn't seem particularly bothered by her father's embezzlement, only by the danger he might get caught. The diamond issue wasn't well integrated into the rest of the story.

    For me, MISTRESS AND A MILLION DOLLARS simply didn't work.

    One Stars

    Reviewed 10/27/08

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