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    Review of LA VIDA VAMPIRE by Nancy Haddock (see her website)

    Berkley, April 2008

    Francesca Marinelli is just trying to live a normal twenty-something's life in St. Augustine, Florida. She has a job, she's going to school, she watches TV and laments her non-existent love life. She's even learning to surf.

    Her life is a little more complex than most, however, because she is a 227-year-old vampire who only recently was rescued from a coffin buried under a Victorian house.

    Cesca just wants to be normal, but people don't want to leave her alone. Vampire groupies follow her around, some crazy anti-vampire vigilantes want to shoot her with silver bullets, and the government keeps tabs on her via a GPS implant in her arm. Finally the icing on the cake--a woman who was in Cesca's group during a "ghost tour" is murdered, and some suspicious looking bite marks are found on the dead woman's body. Naturally Cesca is the number-one suspect. To clear her name, she must team up with highly skeptical Deke Saber, a preternatural crimes special investigator. Who also happens to be a former vampire hunter--and sexy as all get out.

    This book is just flat-out fun. I love the St. Augustine setting--it's really fresh and different. Francesca is the cutest and most fun vampire I've ever encountered in a novel, with refreshingly human yearnings and insecurities. I hope to see more of her.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/18/08

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