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    Review of HEAT OF THE KNIGHT by Sylvia Day


    Avon Red, January 2008

    Nightmares may seem like imaginary creatures to us, but to the guardsmen of Twilight, nightmares are horribly real--and they've begun infecting the Guardians--the leaders of the long fight against them. Connor, a captain of the rebel guard, must make his way to the land of the dreamers--our ordinary earth--to meet up with his former leader, Aidan.

    When Connor arrives, Aidan and his earthling true love are vacationing, and curvy Stacey Daniels is house-sitting while she obsesses about her son's first trip with his long-vanished father. Connor is like a fantasy dream--super-sexy, strong, and absolutely unwilling to take no for an answer. He sweeps her off her feet.

    The guardians/nightmares aren't taking the rebellion lightly and have sent agents to complete their mission, to kill Aidan's wife and retrieve certain artifacts. To ensure that Aidan and Connor don't stop them, they kidnap Stacey's son. And that makes it very personal for Connor.

    Author Sylvia Day combines paranormal fantasy with erotica in a combination that almost works. For me, when Connor ignored Stacey's 'no' and continued to insist on sex (because, being a dream visitor, he knows she needed it), that crossed far too close to rape, undoing the fantasy. The fantasy plot, involving nightmares, rogue guardians, etc. also didn't work. It wasn't clear to me why the guardians kidnapped Stacey's son, as they didn't really make any demands. As a result, that whole portion of the plot felt more as if it was intended to create an emotional crisis for Stacey rather than something actual people would do.

    HEAT OF THE NIGHT is certainly readable and Day steams up the pages. Overall, though, the story fell a bit short of what I'd hoped.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 11/25/08

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