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    Review of THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER by Laura Drewry (see her website)

    UNBOUND #2

    Leisure Historical Romace, April 2008

    Lucy Firr has one simple mission. If she can doom the souls of Jedidiah Caine, his sister-in-law Maggie, and that of Maggie's unborn child, her father, Satan himself, has promised to set her free. If she fails, Satan will condemn her to the depths of hell--forever. It should be easy--all she had to do is get him to love her and Caine is well on his way toward damnation. But Lucy hasn't planned on Caine's stubbornness, nor on what she certainly should have remembered--that her father would never set up a challenge that she has a fair chance at winning.

    Caine needs a woman who can work hard. Since her husband vanished, Maggie has gone a bit crazy and needs continual help as her pregnancy progresses. Sure he's a man and he can't help noticing that Lucy is the best-looking woman at the wife auction. But what really gets him is the calluses on her hands--despite her fancy dress, Lucy has worked hard at some point in her life. He's not sure he completely buys her claims to be able to cook, clean, and help out, but how hard can it be if she's willing to work hard. Although she's the prettiest thing he's ever seen, Caine resolves not to follow his impulses, but to wait until Lucy and he have something between them that's more than pure physical lust.

    Lucy proves to be horrible with cooking, and Maggie refuses to have anything to do with her, recognizing her as the half-demon she is. But Caine insists that Lucy help out--and to everyone's surprise, perhaps most of all, Lucy's, she gradually does learn to help. The harder she works, the more Caine's feelings grow beyond lust (although that certainly never goes away) and into something including respect and even love. Which is when Lucy's brother, Deacon, arrives to destroy everything--especially Lucy.

    Author Laura Drewry (see more reviews of romance by Drewry) combines humor, sizzle, and emotion in a strong novel. Lucy, in danger of eternal condemnation to the deepest pits of hell, is certainly motivated and sympathetic. But Caine, with his combination of rugged strength, patience, and sensual touch, makes for an especially fascinating character. Antagonist Deacon has a bit of dimension to him as well and I'm pleased to see that he'll return in a novel all of his own.

    If you're a fan of historical romance who likes a bit of the paranormal, you'll definitely want to check out THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/02/08

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