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    Review of DANCING WITH THE DEVIL by Laura Drewry (see her website)

    Leisure Historical Romance, December 2008

    Deacon has a plan. As Satan's son, he can't expect to spend a human life with Rhea. He'd known that from the beginning, which is why he arranged a fake tryst with a prostitute before he left town. But now his plan is simple--he'll explain what really happened, explain why he can't stay with her, and let Rhea get on with her life. Really, it's quite simple--at least it was simple until Rhea shoots him and he learns that she's forged a marriage certificate--with his name on it.

    Life as a widow wasn't perfect for Rhea, but having the supposedly dead husband turn up alive causes no end of troubles. Rhea doesn't think she's asked much out of life--simply the right to run the store her parents left to her brother and herself and, if she's lucky, the kind of marriage her parents shared--a marriage based on love. Falling for Deacon once was a frightful mistake. Letting him back in her life would be a worse mistake. Except, too many people know Deacon is back. If she kicks him out, she won't be a widow, she'll be a divorcee--and that would mean ruin to her reputation and to the store she treasures.

    Continuing the fake marriage seems like the easiest solution--except that Deacon knows his father will never set him free, and Rhea knows she can never risk her heart to him--and yet she's constantly in danger of just that whenever Deacon is around. Then there's the matter of Deacon's sister Kit--sent by their father to make sure he comes back to Hell.

    Author Laura Drewry writes a funny and emotional story. Deacon, like many males, tries to use logic to understand emotion--and fails. Yet he cannot make himself simply walk way from Rhea. Feelings no demon can put a name to compell him to remain, to attempt to make up for the pain he's caused her. Rhea, in turn, has based too much of her life on myth. Learning to make her own way, rather than rely on a supposed path carved by her parents, is essential if she's to have any hope for happiness.

    Drewry's writing is clever and fun, with a pair of sympathetic characters trying to work out an impossible situation. Deacon, in particular, makes a wonderful example of a man confused by woman's logic, yet intent on learning the secrets it hides. DANCING WITH THE DEVIL is an enjoyable treat.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/13/08

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