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    Review of TOUCH OF TEXAS by Tracy Garrett (see her website)

    Zebra, October 2007

    Rachel Hudson has settled in for the blizzard, along with her younger brother and their animals when she hears something, or someone, at the door. Texas Ranger Jack McCain has nearly frozen to death and it's up to her to keep him alive. Which would have been a bit easier if he weren't so darned sexy. Rachel has done her best to flee her mother's past and develop the kind of reputation a schoolteacher needs in rural Texas. Having a sexy male snowed in with her won't help that reputation at all.

    Jake McCain is on the trail of the man who killed his father--and who left him to die in the snow. It's a quest he's certain he won't survive, but then, Jake has never had much reason to want to survive. Half white, half Apache, Jake has never been accepted into any society. Any woman who takes up with him is doomed to be rejected as well--which means he can never have Rachel no matter how much he wants her. But Rachel gives him a reason to want to live--just when he's certain that's impossible.

    In her debut novel, author Tracy Garrett combines western historical adventure with sizzling romance to deliver an entertaining and enjoyable story. Wounded hero Jake is definitely a sexy treat and Rachel, with her mother's past haunting her, makes a sympathetic heroine. Garrett's writing appeals to the senses--although I was reading the novel in the midst of a Texas heat wave, Garrett nevertheless made me feel the sting of blown snow and the winds of the open plains.

    Western historical romances have been unjustifiably on the outs in recent years. It's great to see Zebra bringing them back, and with an author like Garrett leading the way, this just might be an entire genre to watch.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/17/07

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