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    Review of HOT WHEELS AND HIGH HEELS by Jane Graves (see her website)

    Warner Books, July 2007

    Trophy wife Darcy McDaniel comes home from a vacation to find that her rich husband has disappeared, along with all of their assets. Not only are their bank accounts cleaned out, but strangers are living in her beautiful suburban castle. She is left with the clothes in her suitcase, her chihuaua--and her beloved Mercedes, thank God. But even that is taken away when studly repo man John Stark comes calling. Darcy's husband hadn't made payments for months.

    Reduced to mooching off her trailer-park parents, Darcy soon realizes that her plan to snag another rich man won't happen immediately. She has to have some money for essential, like hair color and designer clothes. So she does the unthinkable and looks for a J-O-B. But she has no skills except looking good.

    Eventually she finds an opening in the most unlikely of places--with the repo man. But filing and answering the phone pay peanuts; the real money is in grabbing cars, and Darcy is determined to learn the repo business. She can drive, after all. Sit back and watch the sparks fly as Darcy learns the value of a dollar, an honest day's work, and independence, and John learns that a high-maintenance woman might be just what he needs. This book is a tasty summer treat that showcases Jane Graves' talent not just for comedy, but for touching emotion as well. (See more reviews of novels by Jane Graves.)

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/21/07

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