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    Review of BITE ME IF YOU CAN by Lynsay Sands

    Argeneau Vampires #6

    Avon, January 2007

    Leigh Gerard has created a nice life for herself after escaping her abusive husband, but she swears she'll never fall into the power of a man again. Just because she's attacked by a vampire and transformed doesn't mean she's ready to let some male, even a vampire male, take control of her life. But until she learns about the limitations of her new life, she's stuck with Lucian Argeneau, the vampire who saved her from the master vampire who turned her.

    Lucian Argeneau became a vampire, immortal as he prefers it, back in Atlantis when he was infected with the nanobes that keep him healthy, attack anything that harms him, but that also create a need for blood to feed them. As one of the oldest surviving immortals, Lucian is responsible for enforcing the rules that keep immortals from exploiting the rest of humanity. And rogues, like the ones who turned Leigh, must be destroyed. What he isn't interested in is babysitting a new immortal. But when he's stuck with Leigh, and when he realizes she just might be his lifemate, all the rules change.

    Author Lynsay Sands (see more reviews of novels by Sands) creates an interesting approach to the origins of vampires, explaining vampire capabilities and limitations by her nanobe theory. Her smooth writing and sense of humor make BITE ME IF YOU CAN a page-turning pleasure. The relationship between Leigh and Lucian is sexy and fun--especially the mental sex in the shower. Watching Lucian develop into a human person from a cold jerk is satisfying as well.

    BITE ME IF YOU CAN does have some editing issues. Leigh comes from Kansas City, Kansas, but the city Sands describes sounds a lot more like Kansas city, Missouri (Sands is a Canadian so perhaps this mistake can be blamed on American editors who should have known better). Some word misuse also pulls the reader out of the story. Likewise, I think we need more explanation of why Leigh is special not just to Lucian (although the coincidence of running into his lifemate by chance could also be explained) but why she has the powers she has against other vampires. Morgan's almost suicidal fascination with Leigh could also be explained more fully. BITE ME's flaws didn't keep me from enjoying this intriguing re-telling of the vampire romance.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 12/04/07

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