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    Review of ATHENA FORCE: VENDETTA by Meredith Fletcher

    Silhouette Athena Force, November 2007

    It's supposed to be an easy murder conviction. The victim is a hero, a man who brought home any number of American POWs from their Viet Cong captors. The killer shows no remorse, no guilt, and she nearly killed a couple of guards in an escape attempt. For young A.D.A. Marion Hart, it's the kind of high-profile case that can set her up for a fast-path career. Having to deal with sexy (and rich) public defender Adam Gracelyn is a bit of a problem--but Marion figures she can handle him. After all, the killer was caught red-handed. What she doesn't suspect is that Adam will fall for her--or that the killer will turn out ot have CIA connections.

    The last thing David Gracelyn wants is someone poking around in his parents' history. Especially not sexy investigative journalist, Winter Archer. But when the Athena Academy's manager calls on its ex-students for help, they respond, and Winter plans on doing her job even if she had a long-time crush on David. Learning more about Marion Gracelyn (nee Hart), founder of the Athena Academy, is a definite bonus. But that 1968 murder case seems like more than ancient history. Somehow it's connected to a very real threat to the school--and possibly to much more.

    Author Meredith Fletcher (see more reviews of novels by Fletcher) coordinates two separate love stories, tied together by a shared threat. Initially the David/Winter side of the story is a bit slow going as the two come to terms with one another and as Winter digs into Marion's old notes. But the Marion/Adam story is steamy hot and exciting from the very beginning, with David/Winter gradually warming up, especially when the two head to D.C. to attempt to turn over long-forgotten rocks in the search for Marion's past. Fletcher also introduces the key characters who (it seems) are destined to play an important role in finding the long-hidden truth behind the danger that Marion faced for so many years.

    Fletcher can write sexy, but she's at her best when the action heats up and bullets or fists go flying. Once the story gets going, ATHENA FORCE: VENDETTA is a fast-paced, page-turning ride.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/22/07

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