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    Review of Review of STORM FORCE by Meredith Fletcher (see her blog)

    Silhouette Bombshell #120, December 2006

    Wilderness guide Kate Garrett is tough. She's had to be to handle the drunks and horny customers who would take advantage of her if they could. Still, nobody is tough enough to take on the prisoners who escape from a Florida State Prison van--and nobody is tough enough to take on the category 5 hurricane bearing down on the small town where Kate's children wait her return.

    Things have gone wrong with Shane Warren's plan from the start. He needed to make the other convicts depend on him, and their being able to steal Kate Garrett's car is only the start to his trouble. When they capture Kate, he has to figure out a way to keep her alive too--at a time when he's not even sure he can stay alive himself. A time like this is the worst possible time to start feeling an attraction--especially to a woman who clearly hates everything about him and who attacks him every chance she gets.

    The action takes place through the swamps and storm-tossed landscape of the Florida Everglades--a location that author Merridith Fletcher brings to life. (See more reviews of novels by Fletcher)

    Fletcher delivers a fast-paced adventure thriller. Every time I thought things had gotten as bad as they could get, Fletcher found another twist, another danger into which she could throw her characters. From hard-bitten kidnappers and murderers to alligators to angry gangsters to the worst storm in a century, dangers test her characters to the maximum. Kate and Shane are enjoyable an sympathetic characters. Kate's love for her children sustains her, just as Shane's anger sustains him.

    STORM FORCE is an excellent suspense thriller--with just enough romance to add that extra zing.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/26/06

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