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    Review of SPYING IN HIGH HEELS by Gemma Halliday (see her website)

    Dorchester, August 2006

    When Maddie Springer realizes her period is late, she figures the worst has happened. Sure her relationship with Richard was solid, but she wasn't looking forward to his reaction to the news. Still, she didn't expect him to run out on her when she showed up--at least not until she'd had a chance to spring her surprise on him. She can't even bring herself to take her pregnancy test, and she has her mother's wedding to help plan, shoes to design, and shopping to accomplish.

    When Richard turns up missing, though, Maddie realizes something odd might have happened--especially when a sexy but dangerous stranger starts snooping exactly where Maddie is snooping. When she follows the sexy stranger, she discovers she's gotten in way over her head--as in murder. The really strange thing is, although she still thinks she's Richard's girlfriend, and there is the possible baby to consider, Jack Ramirez is the man whose looks and scent are sending her senses into overdrive.

    Author Gemma Halliday won RWA's prestigious Golden Heart with this manuscript and it's no surprise that a publisher snapped it up. SPYING IN HIGH HEELS is laugh-out-loud funny, with an approachable and sympathetic protagonist in Maddie Springer, a to-die-for love interest in Ramirez, plenty of Hollywood/La-La-Land details, and non-stop action. I confess that sat down to read SPYING for a few minutes and didn't look up until I'd finished it.

    If you enjoy your suspense with a generous helping of humor, you definitely will want to get in line to read Halliday's debut novel. I'm happy to recommend this one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/06/06

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