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    Review of NIGHT GAME by Christine Feehan (see her website)

    Jove, November 2005

    This time it's personal. Raoul "Gator" Fontenot of the special-forces GhostWalker squad heads back to the Louisianna bayous where he was raised to find a missing woman with a psychic voice talent similar to his own. He's warned, though, that another woman may also be searching. Iris "Flame" Johnson escaped from the madman's program that enhanced her, Raoul, and the others--at the cost of making them experimental animals in his program. Iris has been on the run ever since, and is both in danger and a danger to the GhostWalker squad. If Raoul can bring her back, he'll be doing everyone a favor. The one small problem--Iris would rathre die than return to Whitney's control--and she, unlike the others, is convinced that Whitney is still alive and still very much in control of the GhostWalkers.

    It doesn't take Raoul long to track Iris down--both her flaming tattoo and her psychic abilities give her away. He's drawn to her immediately. The two seem to share a connection that goes deeper than physical attraction, deeper, indeed, than the psychic bond that exists between all of the GhostWalkers. Still, Iris knows that she can never trust him. Voluntarily or not, he's still working for Whitney, the man who deliberately infected her with cancer for his own perverse purposes. They do, however, share a common goal--finding what happened to Joy, the missing woman.

    With their psychic powers, handling local troublemakers is no problem. But it gradually becomes apparent that they are facing enemies far more deadly than cajun bad-boys.

    Author Christine Feehan (see more reviews of novels by Feehan) dishes up a spicy mix of action, paranormal magic, and steamy sex in NIGHT GAMES. After a somewhat talky first chapter, Feehan keeps the action coming. The attraction between Raoul and Iris grows very quickly, but the paranormal connection and their shared experiences at the hands of the evil Whitney help justify such a rapid escalation of the relationship.

    If you're looking for a sexy paranormal thriller, you won't go wrong with NIGHT GAME.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/27/06

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