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    Review of THE HORSEMAN by Kristina O'Donnelly (see her website)


    Rose International, 2003

    Ariadne, a blond American teen living with her parents in Turkey, suffers a prophetic vision while on her way to an archeological dig. Sometimes the vision is of an ancient past, and sometimes of a cruel future. In every case, though, she is caught in a love triangle.

    When she's rescued from a kidnapping by a handsome Kurdish nobleman, Ariadne believes she may have found her great love--and certainly Mehmet Ali falls for the beautiful and energetic teenager. Although she does love Mehmet Ali, though, Ariadne is obsessed with the crusading journalist Burhan Kayhanoly--who falls for her the moments she walks into his office to interview for an internship at the newspaper where he writes a regular column.

    Burhan exposes Ariadne to the poverty and ignorance that, he believes, are holding his beloved nation down. Ariadne is especially sympathetic with the poor conditions for women--a sympathy made much stronger when Mehmet Ali's sister weds a much older man--and then commits suicide. She dreams of a life with Burhan, together stomping out the corruption that is such a blight on Turkish society and politics.

    Award-winning author Kristina O'Donnelly mixes past-life regression, tarot, and traditional Turkish magic with sensual passion and with adventure as Mehmet Ali, Ariadne, and Burhan sometimes cooperate and sometimes battle over the path to be taken by their nation (or even whether there should be a nation of Turkey rather than an independent Kurdistan). O'Donnelly blends in the past-lives over which these three have carried out their eternal triangle of love and dispair.

    If you're looking for a sexy romantic thriller with a fascinating setting, plenty of action, and a touch of magic, you won't go wrong with THE HORSEMAN.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/22/06

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