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    Review of HEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL by Valerie Frankel (see her website)

    Avon Trade, March 2006

    Emma Hutch thinks of herself as a good witch. She helps women find true love--or at least to get a date with the man of their current dreams--by placing a psych picture of the woman in the man's mind. The man assumes he's having sexy thoughts and--voila, a date. As clients go, Daphne Wittfield is no prize, but she's attractive, motivated, and she'll pay Emma's price. Which is handy since Emma is about to lose her much-loved New York apartment. Daphne wants a date with a sexy software billionaire and Emma intends to oblige. No matter how attractive she finds William Dearborn.

    Emma's psychic power complicates her life in a number of ways but one of the worst is how it affects her sexually. Every man she dates ends up running--and the latest date finally helps her figure out why when he admits to seeing erotic visions of--William Dearborn. There's a chance for another match, but not before Emma finds herself in trouble with a dangerous accountant.

    Author Valerie Frankel (see more reviews of novels by Frankel) combines a touch of magic, chick-lit circles of friends, and a deft touch of humor to create an engaging story. I was reading this book at a library--and embarassed myself by laughing out loud twice. Librarians may not be as tough on noise as they once were, but I still wasn't a favorite. Emma makes a great heroine with her combination of self-doubt, fear, and weird self-confidence all wrapped into one package. William Dearborn isn't on the stage much, but Frankel makes the most of what time she gives him. The story, though, is really about Emma and her friends.

    One weakness in the story--the subplot about corporate embezzlement never quite came together. Still, HEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL is a lot of fun, well written, and definitely an enjoyable read.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/28/06

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