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    Review of DARK SIDE OF THE MOON by Sherrilyn Kenyon (see her website)


    St. Martin's Press, June 2006

    Susan Michaels hates her job--reporting for a paper that concentrates on alien abduction and other tales of the weird and impossible. But when she's sent out to look for a were-kitten, as reported by an obviously disturbed punk-girl, she thinks she's hit rock-bottom. That is, she thinks she's hit bottom until the hidden reality hits, the were-kitten turns out to be very real and quite dangerous, and her best friends are gunned down by daemon-murderers intent on taking over Seattle--in association with the humans who are normally their prey.

    For hundreds of years, ever since he was killed by his own family, Ravyn has worked as a Dark Hunter--one of the mysterious group sworn to protect humanity from the Daemons--a race who were cursed by Apollo to die on their 27th birthday--unless they can artifically keep themselves alive by consuming stolen human souls. One thing Ravyn knows for sure--there is no possibility of a future between Susan and himself--no matter how strongly the affection runs. For one thing, she's quickly brought into the ranks of the 'squires' and romance is forbidden between Dark Hunters and squires. For another, he is not just a Dark Hunter but a shapeshifter, and he has missed his only chance to bond.

    Of course, with the Daemons threatening to take over the city and kill anyone who gets in the way, romance just might have to take a back seat to the business of staying alive.

    Author Sherrilyn Kenyon (see more reviews of novels by Kenyon) creates a fascinating world where Daemons and Dark Hunters battle, and where mythological gods are very real and very deadly. Susan, with her chip-on-shoulder and edgy attitude makes an attractive heroine and Ravyn is the classic tortured male. A wealth of secondary characters add texture and complexity to the novel. Even the Daemons, predators though they are, are made sympathetic by Apollo's unfair curse. Kenyon carefully sets up future conflicts even as she resolves the issues faced by Susan and the Dark Hunters in this novel.

    DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is fast-paced adventure and hard to put down. I would have liked to see more about what made Ravyn and Susan right for one another, but that didn't stop this story from being enjoyable.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 11/08/06

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