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    Review of CONVERSATIONS WITH THE FAT GIRL by Liza Palmer (see her website)

    Warner/5 Spot, September 2005

    Maggie has always been "the fat girl." And because misery loves company, she became best friends with another "fat girl," Olivia. Then Olivia went and had gastric bypass surgery, moved away, became a size four and got engaged to a doctor, and their friendship undergoes some unusual permutations, especially when Olivia confesses that no one in her "new life," including her fiancÚ, knows she was ever fat.

    Meanwhile, Maggie is working at a coffee house when she has a master's degree in art restoration, and secretly lusting after her hot co-worker Domenic. And though Domenic gives her every sort of indication that he is interested in her, she can't believe he could possibly be attracted to her, and so does everything possible to sabotage the potential relationship. And when a fabulous job opportunity comes along--restoring an ancient statue at the Getty--she drags her feet because this cloud of undeservingness hangs over her.

    This is a darling book that will make you fall in love with Maggie and her insecurities. The reader can't help but admire her self-deprecating wit and groan at her relationship and friendship mistakes--mistakes everyone makes sooner or later. As preparations for Olivia's wedding reach a fever pitch, Maggie must make some life-altering decisions that end up having unexpected repercussions. Fabulous fun. This author has a wonderful, easy-breezy voice.

    Four Stars

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