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    Review of ARE YOU AFRAID by Carla Cassidy (see her website)

    NAL/Signet Eclipse, March 2006

    At age 16, Jessica Lanford became the only surviving victim of a serial killer, who liked to carve up young women and bury them alive. Although he was never caught, he seemed to have stopped killing for eighteen years. Jessica has gone on to rebuild her life. A single mom with a young son, she has a thriving private psychology practice and a popular nightly call-in radio show during which she helps callers deal with their phobias.

    But Jessie still bears the physical scars from her long-ago torture, and some scars that can't be seen, too. She's deathly afraid of the dark. And when a mysterious caller alludes to her past, the terrifying memories flood her mind to torment her again. Only now she doesn't have just herself to protect. She has to protect a son and his babysitter, a victim of violent domestic abuse herself.

    When Jessie starts getting scary crank phone calls, she reports it to the police. Only one cop takes her seriously. Detective Jake Merridan has problems of his own, including a twelve-year-old son who isn't taking his mother's recent desertion terribly well. But he sees Jessie's fear and vows to do anything he can to keep her safe. But can anyone truly be safe when a devilishly clever and cruel maniac has you in his sights?

    Carla Cassidy brings her trademark blend of spine-tingling suspense and edgy romance to yet another winning story. This is definitely a book NOT to read late at night when you're alone in the house. Not unless you want to keep the lights on night.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/15/06

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