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    Review of ANYA'S DREAM by Kay Sisk (see her website)

    Wings ePress, July 2006

    It's her dream job. For nine years, Anya Smith has pursued her goal of success in the rough world of dance and choreography. Unfortunately for her, her hips grew too wide, her shoulders too strong, her breasts too large, for her to become the ballet star she'd imagined becoming. But success as a choreographer would do, and getting hired to help the top rock band, Bone Cold--Alive, spark up their moves is a fabulous break. Not to mention the pay is great and she won't have to go back to her west-Texas family and admit failure. She doesn't think the rule about no dating the stars is likely to be a problem. What kind of woman would want to date one of those spoiled brats. Still, there's no denying that Bo Bailey has a way about him.

    Fresh out of a relationship with two beautiful women, Bo can't deny that the some of the joy has gone out of the wild partying that has marked his recent years. He doesn't know what the beautiful woman band manager Levi Fletcher (Fletch) has hired is supposed to be doing, but he can't fight the attraction. There's something about her innocence that pierces through his cynical nature and makes him think that there can be more to life than parties, alcohol, and the infatuation of millions of fans. That every single other member of the band has gotten engaged or married over the past couple of years makes his own single status less comfortable than it had been. Still, it isn't just Anya's great looks that appeal. It's her spunk, her willingness to fight for what she believes, and her sly sense of humor that really revs him into high gear.

    Author Kay Layton Sisk (see more reviews of novels by Sisk) continues her 'rock star' series with the story of the last bad-boy and the woman who tames him. In a strong subplot, Sisk digs deeper into band manager Fletch's life. Fletch is the man the band loves to hate, to blame for everything that goes wrong, and to fight against even when he's right (then again, Fletch thinks he's completely responsible for everything the band has accomplished although he can't sing a lick). In ANYA'S DREAM, Sisk shows that Fletch is far more complex and human than any of the band members believe.

    Throughout the Rock Star/Texoma series, Sisk consistently delivers bad-boys and the women who can uniquely tame them. Here in ANYA'S DREAM, Sisk continues that tradition, adding a big heaping of suffering and conflict on poor Fletch's shoulders. Sisk's strong writing grabs the reader and her well-detailed characters engage both reader interest and empathy. Fans of this series will definitely want to grab ANYA'S DREAM and discover how the last of the wild men is finally tamed. Readers new to the series might want to read these books in order, although ANYA certainly can stand alone.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/07/06

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