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    Review of 20 TIMES A LADY by Karyn Bosnak (see her website)

    Harper, June, 2006

    When she realizes that she's slept with 19 men, with a national average of only 10.5, Delilah Darling sets herself a limit. One more and she's done. When she gets laid off and accidentally tops out the magic 20, she decides it's got to be one of the past 20--and sets off on a national journey to reconnect with the past lovers and determine which of them is Mr. Perfect. Aided by her sexy neighbor (and part time detective) Colin, Delilah tracks down each of these past flames. She does find love, but with a little dog. The men, not so much. Between the priest, the gay guys, the unfaithful types, and the plain losers, Delilah has no problems weeding down the number. But just when she's ready to give up, number one, her old high school sweetheart, shows up--actually looking for her. Could this be a sign of true love?

    Author Karyn Bosnak spins an amusing tale. Bosnak's writing involves the reader, keeping the pages turning and holding us on the edge of our seat about what mess Delilah will send her life into next. Frequently over the top (the dog poop on the police car comes to mind), there are still a number of laugh-out-loud moments.

    As a protagonist, Delilah leaves something to be desired. Her contempt for ex-boyfriend Wade with his interest in muppets made her profoundly unsympathetic to me. Likewise, her ability to tune out the rest of the world to focus only on herself, while not unusual, hardly makes her a character you'd like to spend time with. Which brings up what was for me, the major flaw in the story. What did Colin see in her that made him interested?

    If you're looking for a fast read with some really funny bits, 20 TIMES A LADY has a lot to recommend it. Sure it's over the top, but that's a type of humor that appeals to lots of people.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 8/03/06

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