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    Review of WHOSE WEDDING IS IT ANYWAY? by Melissa Senate (see her website)

    Red Dress, Inc., December 2004

    When graphic artist Eloise Manfred gets engaged to reporter Noah Benjamin, she knows she wants a traditional wedding--fluffy white dress, flowers, cake, etc. Problem is, with no family left except an elderly grandmother and an absentee brother, there's no one to pay for such an extravaganza. Enter her employer, Wow Weddings, which offers her a free hundred-thousand-dollar dream wedding. Editorial assistant Philippa Wills, also recently engaged, receives the same offer. All the "Modern Bride" and "Classic Bride" have to do is agree to let the magazine print a few pictures of them during the preparations and the ceremony itself ...

    Of course, the question becomes, who could have possibly dreamed up a "modern" wedding with a yellow, feathered wedding dress, purple rubber bridesmaid's dresses, inedible vegetarian food and a wedding hall that looks like the inside of a space ship? Only Astrid O'Connor, who is much more interested in pacifying advertisers than making the brides happy. Philippa is equally unhappy with her "boring" traditional wedding. And when both brides are ordered to produce families for the required photo spreads, Eloise launches a journey to locate her missing loved ones that ends up being an extensive exploration of her own heart.

    A tad predictable, maybe, but I loved this book. I felt Eloise's pain over her lack of family, wondering what was wrong with her that her father didn't stick around. This was the perfect combination of over-the-top comedy and heart-rending pathos that makes the whole genre of chick-lit so deliciously readable.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/24/05

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