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    WEDNESDAY'S CHILD by Gayle Wilson (see her website)

    HQN Books, April 2005

    Seven years ago, Susan Chandler's husband and baby daughter, Emma, disappeared without a trace. To all appearances, Richard left of his own accord. But Susan knew her husband wouldn't desert her. And in her heart, she knew her daughter was alive somewhere, waiting to be found. When she receives a call from a Mississippi county sheriff, reporting her husband's body was found in his car submerged in a river, the information creates more questions than answers. What was he doing in rural Mississippi? And where was Emma?

    Susan made the mistake years ago of accepting what law enforcement people told her. She won't do it again. She drives to Linton, Mississippi, intent on investigating the mystery firsthand. But just like before, everyone seems intent on convincing her to go home, accept what happened, and move on with her life. Her only allies are Miz Lorena Bedford, owner of the bed & breakfast where Susan is staying, and her great-nephew Jeb Bedford, on medical leave from the military. Jeb has his own demons to slay, trying to recover from his debilitating injury so he can return to his Delta Force team. But as Susan struggles to confirm her daughter's fate, he finds his protective instincts awakened ... as well as desire.

    As she does in her Harlequin Intrigues, Gayle Wilson (see more reviews of novels by Wilson) has created strong, sympathetic characters with real emotions, a puzzler of a mystery, and hair-raising suspense all blended together in a pleasing package. Her Intrigue fans especially should enjoy this longer-format book, which simply offers more of everything she's so good at.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 6/11/05

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