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    ULTRA VIOLET by Ellen Henderson (see her website)

    Silhouette Bombshell #64, October 2005

    Violet Marsh, who has gone out of her way to live the most ordinary life possible, wakes up one morning to find she's lost five days--and gained a few superpowers. The police think she's a nut, and she's beginning to think she is, too, when someone tries to kidnap her. She foils the kidnapper with the help of Natalie, an employee of Gideon Enterprises. And though she doesn't want to trust anyone, she has nowhere else to turn except to this shadowy "security" organization. At least the people there believe her. And they have proof that someone kidnapped her in the form of a video.

    Gideon recruits Violet to help his team with a "mission"--to break into the headquarters of SynCor. She pretends to go along, but her real motive is to get possession of that video so the police will believe her. But gradually she comes to realize the mission, though highly dangerous and highly illegal, is the only way to go. Complicating her moral dilemmas is her attraction to Jackson, a macho team member who is as mysterious as he is sexy.

    New author Ellen Henderson has created an innovative story brimming with action and a very believable and vulnerable kick-butt heroine. I rooted for Violet as she gradually came to realize she was not at ordinary, but extraordinary, and not just because of her physical powers. A fabulous addition to Silhouette's most innovative line.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/19/05

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