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    Review of SOUTHERN COMFORT by Karen Kelley (see her website)

    Kensington Brava, August 2004

    An undercover job goes badly wrong and Drug Enforcement Agency Fallon Hargis needs to escape from killers. She follows a hotel guest into his room, orders him to strip at gunpoint, loses her wig, and fakes having sex with him while the drug enforcers tear through the hotel looking for her. Unfortunately for her plan, the faked sex turns into the real thing and it's the best sex Fallon has had in a long time.

    Wade Tanner had come to Dallas to get get away from Two Creeks, Texas for a couple of days. He'd hoped for a little excitement--but a beautiful woman forcing him to have sex, then almost bleeding to death on him is a lot more excitement than he had anticipated. Since someone in the D.E.A. blew Falon's cover, she needs to stay underground--and Wade persuades her to return with him to Two Creeks where she can get doctored up and think about next steps. He anticipates more excitement, more sex. He doesn't guess that Fallon has a personal stake in bringing down one of the biggest drug dealers in the southwest--or that he will be forced to return to 'the pit,' the most dangerous and lawless place in the North American continent.

    Author Karen Kelley (see more reviews of novels by Kelley) mixes fast-paced action with steamy sensuality in an exciting romantic suspense. From the first page, she sends her characters (and her readers) on a rollercoaster ride of violence, danger, and sex. Still, Kelley is able to step back from the action for long enough to develop the characters, allowing the eventual resolution of their conflict to progress naturally.

    If you're looking for an exciting action/suspense romance with plenty of sizzle, you won't go wrong with SOUTHERN COMFORT.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/11/05

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