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    Review of MAD ABOUT JACK by Gayle Kasper

    Five Star, September 2005

    Holly Hanford has worked her tail off for two years at her classy used car dealership, continuing the legacy of her father. When upstart car dealer Jack Murdock opens up shop across the street, she is sure all her hard work has been for naught. "Mad Jack," with his tasteless billboards and cheesy plaid jackets, is trying to run her out of business, and he just might succeed. And even if his wide shoulders do fill out those ugly jackets better than any other man's could, Holly is determined not to give him an inch. Another overly charming man nearly took her business away--and bruised her heart in the process. Charming men are poison.

    Jack had no idea, when he bought a failing car lot and moved it to Holly's street, that he'd started a feud. He enjoyed a little friendly competition, and he even sent a few customers Holly's way, in the spirit of being a good neighbor. But much as he likes and respects her feisty nature and her hard-nosed business sense, he can't get to square one with her. Especially when some mysterious person sabotages her car lot, obviously trying to drive her out of business.

    Gayle Kasper has penned a witty, sexy Texas romp that will delight any romance fan. The repartee between Holly and Jack is clever, yet the emotions are tender and ring true. Both characters are charming and loveable, and readers will cheer for these two to get together.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/21/05

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