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    Review of LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED by Lori Devoti (see her website)

    Zebra, May 2006

    The Unruh Pottery Pig might be legend, but if it's the real deal, it's worth big bucks. And Del Montgomery's boss promises her a promotion to lead auctioneer if she can head down to rural Missouri, get the pig, and bring it back to Chicago before the Unruh auction. The pig, if found, would be the star of the show. So, despite her unwillingness, Del heads down to Missouri and hooks up with the local auctioneer. She expects a leering, beer-bellied good-ole-boy and knows exactly how to deal with that kind. She doesn't expect a hard-bodied, good-looking, and intense man with sixpack abs and shoulders that don't stop. And she doesn't like it when he starts recognizing her 'tells' and knows when she's lying.

    Because Del has to lie a lot. She needs the pig, and has no intention of letting anyone beat her to the pot. Not even sexy Sam Samson. And she definitely has no intention of staying in southern Missouri. She fought to escape her rural past--and the secrets she left behind. Still, she can't help being attracted--and doesn't mind at all that Sam is attracted back. And when she sees Sam holding her new pet pig, her heart really gets twisted.

    Author Lori Devoti (see more reviews of novels by Devoti) mixes emotion and humor in a sexy and moving story. Devoti really makes us believe that the pottery pig is important to both Sam and Del--that neither can get what they truly want without the pig. Del's new pet pig, Toadstool, can be counted on to add a bit of, well, low humor--as well as providing an emotional focus for both characters.

    If you're looking for a fun and funny read that packs an emotional and sexy punch, you definitely will want to grab LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/27/05

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