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    TO LOVE, HONOR AND DEFEND by Beth Cornelison (see her website)

    Silhouette Intimate Moments #1362, April 2005

    Cal Walters has only once chance to reclaim his four-year-old daughter from his drug-addicted ex-wife in a custody hearing. But given that he is an ex-con, his chances don't look good--unless he can convince a judge he really is a model citizen. And what better way than to be married to a prosecutor? And what better prosecutor than his ex-girlfriend, Libby Hopkins, whose heart he shattered?

    Libby agrees to a marriage of convenience for the sake of the child, but she intends for Cal to keep his hands off her. But soon she finds their old attraction rearing its head, and she and Cal must find their way to a deeper understanding of the problems that ripped them apart before theirs can become a real marriage.

    In her debut novel, Beth Cornelison explores the many facets of betrayal, the many faces of guilt and innocence, and a world where nothing is black and white. Her portrayal of this complex relationship goes well beyond the problem of simple forgiveness, delving deep into the characters' hearts so that they forge a new understanding that has the reader truly believing this relationship can last. As a bonus, the character of Cal's daughter, Ally, is heartwarming and realistic. I even liked the cat.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/26/05

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