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    Review of HOT STUFF by Flo Fitzpatrick (see her website)

    Zebra, April 2005

    Usually, being a translator means sitting in an office looking at legal documents. This time, though, Tempe Walsh actually gets to go to Bombay, India, where she intends to help an American art collector negotiate the purchase of a famous statue--a statue of an Indian Goddess which comes attached to both a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately for Tempe, there are plenty of other prospective 'buyers' and none of them, including the man she's working for, would mind getting the statue at a bargain price--even if that meant stealing, stabbing, or shooting.

    Tempe meets up with a handsome Irish rogue who takes time out from his own thefts to attempt to sweet-talk her into his bed, and the two are quickly swept into an adventure that involves Tempe posing as a stripper in two separate clubs, dancing and performing the splits for a Bollywood movie production ('Bollywood' is the term used to describe the Indian film industry which mostly consists of song-and-dance numbers), kidnapping, late night fire drills, and lots more time spent with the handsome Briggan O'Brien.

    Author Flo Fitzpatrick (see more reviews of novels by Fitzpatrick) serves up a delightful mix of screwball comedy, adventure, an exotic foreign locale, and romance. Fitzpatrick seems to delight in breaking the rules--her first book was set in the theater and her second in India, in the entertainment business, with snakes and elephants for secondary characters. Fortunately, it works.

    Congratulations to Zebra for taking a chance, but most of all, congratulations to Flo Fitzpatrick for creating such an entertaining romp. I am very happy to recommend HOT STUFF highly.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/27/05

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