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    Review of GOOD GIRLS DON'T by Kelley St. John (see her website)

    Warner Forever, December 2005

    Colette (Lettie) Campbell can hardly believe it when her job at My Alibi leads her to call Bill Brannon, the guy who was her best friend in high school but who pushed for turning the relationship in a romantic direction as she was getting ready to move away from home. Now Bill still wants more, and Lettie is willing to give it to him. There is one slight problem--as part of the My Alibi job, she's had to lie to him about where she lives, what she does, and about where his niece is staying. Lettie knows this isn't the perfect way to start, or re-start a relationship, but Bill is even more of a hunk than she remembered and the sex definitely sets off fireworks like Lettie hasn't known since--well, since forever. Still that lying thing, Lettie just knows it's going to come back and bite her.

    Meanwhile, Lettie's sister, Amy, a sex-toy designer, has been trying to stay clear of co-worker Landon Brooks. Amy has persuaded herself that toys are better than men, but Landon has other ideas. Of course, Amy has some pretty convincing toys--but Landon can do some convincing of his own.

    In her debut novel, author Kelley St. John delivers a super-sexy and super-funny charmer of a story. Lettie and Amy support each other totally as they explore the wild side, and also fantasize about relationships that just might be a bit more than wild. Add in a fun co-worker who just needs to meet the man who melts vibrators and you've got a great cast of characters. St. John takes the reader on a Wheelie ride of emotion--from laugh-out-loud to that little choke in your throat, and then back to laughing.

    If you're looking for a sexy and fun read (and who isn't?) GOOD GIRLS DON'T is just what you need.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/20/05

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