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    Review of EVERY BOY'S GOT ONE by Meg Cabot (see her website)

    Avon Trade, January 2005

    With her best friend eloping to Italy, Jane Harris goes along as witness and maid of honor. Mark and Holly are crazy about each other and Italy looks like a great time, but there is one dark cloud. Cal Langdon, best-selling non-fiction author (with a recent book about Saudi Arabia running out of oil) is along as best man. Cal doesn't believe in love and thinks Mark and Holly are making a mistake, and seems to go for model-types. He also rather obviously looks down on Jane--with her multi-bottle water habit, her obsession with Britney Spears, and her cat tattoo. Clearly Cal is trouble--although even Jane can't deny he's a bit of a hunk.

    Getting Mark and Holly married isn't as easy as it seems. The Italians, it seems, have rules about Americans--and when Mark and Holly get sick on raw oysters, it's up to Cal and Jane to save the day. But spending time together is dangerous. Jane knows she's ready for commitment, for the real thing--but resisting Cal's sexy body and blue eyes isn't as easy as it should be--especially when it turns out that he might have a heart after all.

    Author Meg Cabot (see more reviews of novels by Cabot) tells a fast-paced story using the device of a trip journal and a series of e-mails. Especially humorous are the e-mails emerging from family left behind in America. Jane's accident-prone father seems always on the verge of killing himself. Holly's mother obsesses over the fact that Mark is Jewish--and clearly not right. Mark's mother is equally certain that Mark should find a nice Jewish girl. And Holly's brother manages to stir things up with a planned gay marriage ceremony.

    EVERY BOY'S GOT ONE is the kind of book that almost makes you sit down and keep reading. Cabot's breezy style brings the reader in, it certainly kept me laughing.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 2/11/05

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