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    Review of THE DIVA'S GUIDE TO SELLING YOUR SOUL by Kathleen O'Reilly (see her website)

    Downtown Press, April 2005

    Designer purse maven "V" has a perfect life--a thriving business, a perfect luxury apartment, clothes, a taut, slender body (with no dieting or exercise), and any man she wants. Sounds pretty good, but for one tiny detail. She sold her soul to the devil to get all those things, joining the "Life Enrichment Program." It's sort of like selling Tupperware, except you end up in hell. V's conscience doesn't bother her at all as she merrily recruits others to sell their souls. But then one day she inadvertently does a good deed, which is definitely against the rules, and the wrath of the devil, "Lucy," is upon her. Lucy is even more perfect than V, and she writes an influential New York gossip column that she uses to reward and punish her minions. (She also punishes with fat thighs and poufy butts.)

    On the same day as the good deed, V also meets a man. But he's a good man, and he believes he sees good in V. V spends a lot of time and effort trying to convince the guy she's rotten to the core, but all the while she's starting to regret selling her soul and wishing she could have that decision to make over again.

    This is a wonderful book. It has all the chick-lit trappings (woman in search of money, fame, fortune, love and perfect shoes, as well as an annoying mother), but it digs deep into the psyche and forces readers to really think about ethics and morals and values and all those squirmy things. The plot takes some wonderful twists and turns, leading to a totally unexpected, but perfect, ending. The writing is lush and lively, too, so the reader can just float along without effort. Fantastic summer reading.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/12/05

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