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    Review of THE DIM SUM OF ALL THINGS by Kim Wong Keltner

    Avon Trade, January 2004

    Lindsey Owyang, second-generation Chinese-American, spent her childhood trying to deny her "Chinese-ness" and fit in with other kids. Now living with her very Chinese grandmother and trying to make it in the white-collar working world, she still struggles, wanting to embrace her roots, feeling guilty over all those Chinese lessons she skipped, and trying to identify and avoid the "Hoarders of All Things Asian"--those men who are attracted to her only because of her cultural heritage. Meanwhile, she is wildly attracted to a white guy whom she fears might be a Hoarder and trying to figure out how she's going to introduce him to her sometimes embarrassingly Chinese family.

    Kim Wong Keltner has written a beautiful slice-of-Asian-American-life book rich with detail about history, mah-jongg, and food--always food. Lindsey's ambivalence toward her family and her bouts of self-consciousness are characteristics any person of any culture can identify with, and it's easy to see why this book became an instant chick-lit classic.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/14/05

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