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    Review of DATING CAN BE DEADLY by Wendy Roberts (see her website)

    Red Dress, Ink, February 2005

    Tabitha Emery gets visions. Not nasty-nice visions, like being ravaged by the sexy lawyer in the law firm where she works as a receptionist, but nasty-yuck visions--like the dismembered cat and the large blood puddle in the dumpster. Psychic visions bring Tabitha to the attention of the police, but they're inclined to think of her as a suspect rather than a valuable source. How else could she know so much about the victim?

    Meanwhile, Tabitha's life is falling apart. To pay for her broken-down car, she takes a horrible job at a movie theater. The sexy owner of a psychic shop is trying to persuade her to try out a scrying mirror--which backfires, and her job at the law firm is at risk. Only her girlfriends, alcohol, and a newly discovered cat keep her from disintegration. Oh, and then there are the two men who suddenly find her attractive.

    Author Wendy Roberts combines chick-lit with paranormal and mystery elements in DATING CAN BE DEADLY. Roberts' writing is high-quality, providing plenty of smiles as we watch Tabitha bumble her way in and out of danger. The mystery itself is a bit obvious, and Tabitha's extreme combination of incompetence and indifference may not appeal to every reader, but DATING is still a hard book to put down.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 7/25/05

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