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    Review of DARK DESIRES by Eve Silver (see her website)

    Zebra Debut, November 2005

    Darcie Finch was down to her last resources. After barely escaping her stepfather's attempt to sell her body, she has learned to trust no one but herself. Turning to her sister, a Madam, is an act of complete desperation--but her sister has a moment of conscience and sends her to Dr. Damien Cole. Possibly she can get a job as a maid--but her sister warns her that Damien has dark secrets--secrets she should stay away from if she values her life.

    After chance meeting with Damien on the streets of London, Darcie gets the maid job--and is promoted to drawing assistant when Damien discovers her artistic talents. But Damien does have his secrets. The body of a dead man shares the coach on their first ride. A human heart waits in his always-locked laboratory. The maid whose position Darcie took vanished without a trace--and another maid has the fingerprints of a strangler around her neck. Perhaps worst of all, two disreputable looking men call late at night, their cart stinking of death, delivering a secret load to the laboratory. They can only be 'resurectionists,' Darcie realizes--men who dig up dead bodies for medical research and who, too often, help those deaths along.

    When death seems to be following Damien, Darcie wonders if the man she's falling in love with might actually be the killer who's haunting London. But could she love a murderer?

    Rumors of the death of gothic romance are exagerated. In her debut offering, author Eve Silver delivers all of the core elements of the gothic: the brooding wounded hero, the mysterious butler, the hidden secrets, the young innocent, and the Victorian timeframe, but adds a strong sensual element to set her work apart. If you've been looking for a gothic for grown-ups, DARK DESIRES is definitely one you'll want to grab.

    Three Stars

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    Reviewed 8/21/05

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