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    Review of DANGEROUS AFFAIRS by K. Z. Riley (see her website)

    Echelon Press Publishing, April 2006

    He's too dangerous. When Burton Campbell walks into the health club she manages, Amanda Caruthers thinks she knows his type. He wants to introduce a karate class, to teach bullies how to fight better, to be even better bullies. Amanda has faced one of life's worst bullies--and abusive husband: faced him, then run away. That her body finds Burton attractive must be a sign she's not fully recovered, she decides.

    Burt isn't sure what hurt Amanda, but he recognizes that something has--and it has nothing to do with him. Still, he can't fight the attraction, nor the feeling that he could help. For him, martial arts are not about fighting, but about self-control, about learning to face fear, about avoiding fights where possible. Clearly it's a lesson that Amanda needs to learn. But when Amanda discovers her ex-husband has tracked her down and pretends to be Burt's wife to change identities one more time, Burt realizes what he really wants--a real marriage, real love, real trust with Amanda. Unfortunately, helping her gain the confidence she needs to stay alive just might destroy the trust they need to develop a lasting relationship.

    Author Kelle Z. Riley brings her own extensive experience in karate and the martial arts to a powerful story of love, fear, and despair. Amanda's fear realistically colors her entire life. Ex-husband Mason is creepy and scary, while being convincingly motivated. Burt's dark past, his problems with alcohol and his feelings of responsibility for the deaths of his sister and his parents add to the story's emotional depth and keep Burt from being the perfect fixer--which is the last thing Amanda needs.

    Riley's strong writing won her finalist status with the Romance Writer's of America Golden Heart. DANGEROUS AFFAIRS is a moving story by an exciting author. I'm happy to recommend this one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/03/05

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