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    Review of CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH by Kathleen Baldwin (see her website)

    Zebra Regency Romance, March 2005

    With her family's finances in ruins, Lady Elizabeth Hampton (Izzie) knows there's only one possible answer. She must marry, and marry well enough to pay off the debts and secure a future for her younger sister and twin brother. The fact that her affluent objectives have disturbing habits like bad poetry, lack of backbone, and male corsets must not be allowed to disuade her. For certain, she can't let Valen, Lord St. Cleve, the man who welcomes her brother and himself into his London home, win her heart. He may be handsome, but his limited estate would do nothing to rescue her family.

    Valen can't understand the fascination Izzie holds for him. She's snooty, exactly like the aristocrats he holds in such contempt, obsessed with money, and too abrupt with her sharp wit. That he finds himself obsessing over her can only mean that he finds her completely horrible. Yet, there is something about her that he finds quite compelling.

    That initial attraction is enough for Valen's aunt Honore to work with. Honore, being from the pre-Regency generation, doesn't mind putting aside proprieties in order to set a relationship in the right direction and she knows that Valen needs a woman who can be his equal, stand up to his occasionally overbearing ways and break him of his certainty. And when Honore is on the warpath, nothing can get in the way. Certainly not Valen and Izzie's continual attempts to persuade themselves that the attraction doesn't exist. But England has worse enemies than aristocratic indulgencies--including an evil French spy--a spy intent on destroying both England and the growing feelings between Izzie and Valen.

    Author Katheleen Baldwin (see more reviews of novels by Baldwin) delivers a funny and clever comedy of manners and misunderstanding. Valen is the perfect angry hero and Izzie just the woman to tame him. The sewing motif running through the story adds a bit of spice to the humor and plays a role in the plot and character development as well.

    Fans of the regency romance will definitely find CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH a perfect fit.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/03/05

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