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    Review of BOUND AND DETERMINED by Shelley Bradley (see her website)

    Berkley, January 2006

    With her brother in prison for computer bank theft and the FBI refusing to consider any other possibilities, Kerry Sullivan is desperate--desperate enough to try almost anything. Desperate enough, in fact, to pretend to be a professional escort and kidnap the computer security guru the bank has hired to shore up its firewalls. Rafael Dawson has refused to even listen to her protestations that her brother must be innocent--claiming he only does corporate work, but Kerry figures that he'll be a bit more agreeable when he realizes his only alternative is to stay tied up in Dave's Love Shack.

    It figures to be just another job--but a job that will help him earn the money he needs to prove a point to his father--five million dollars before he reaches the age of thirty will make it tough for the old man to continue to claim that Rafael is worthless. And the bank must really be desperate if they hire a sexy woman like Kerry to meet him at the airport, ready to meet his every need. Her innocence doesn't seem consistent with her job, and Rafael has a hard time believing she's that good an actress, but he finds it hard to think about anything other than how sexy she is--hard to think about anything at all, until he wakes up with a headache and handcuffs.

    Unfortunately for her, Kerry really is innocent--so innocent that it doesn't take Rafael long to turn the tables on her. But he feels guilty--and horny, a bad combination. Would a deal--48 hours of sex in exchange for investigation--really be so bad? Especially as both of them want the sex so much?

    Author Shelley Bradley (see more reviews of novels by Bradley) takes us on a super-sexy adventure. Bondage is only the start as Kerry and Rafael explore the physical attraction between them--an attraction that danger only serves to enhance. Bradley's writing is steamy, but she never forgets the emotional side to the evolving relationship. Sex this good can't really come with no strings attached. BOUND AND DETERMINED pushes the envelope of romance into the erotic, with a nice bit of romantic suspense added for spice. WARNING: you probably won't want to read this book on your way to work--you'll be hot and bothered all day long. Save it for bedtime and savor it.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/31/05

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