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    Review of BAYOU BAD BOYS by JoAnn Ross, Nancy Warren, and E. C. Sheedy

    Kensington, December 2005

    When he left South Louisiana, bad-boy Gabriel Broussard thought he'd never go back. Being a Hollywood star has its problems, and Gabe decides to hide at home when a famous actress first pretends to be his fiancee and then dumps him for kinky sex. Back home, Emma Quinlan has gotten on with her life after Gabe took her to bed and then vanished. But kinky sex doesn't sound so bad to her--not if the sexy pirate Gabe is on the other end of the kink. (Cajun Heat by JoAnn Ross.)

    Lucy Charles heads to Louisianna to research her cajun family members--expelled from Canada hundreds of years before. Her cousin is super-nice but also lives in a mansion. Her cousin's son, a very distant cousin--clearly a kissing cousin--is super-sexy and the attraction is instant, and clearly mutual. But sexy or not, Claude has a secret--on that sends him out on late-night journeys. The more Lucy learns, the more she realizes that there is a secret here that might destroy everyone. (You Give Me Fever by Nancy Warren (see more reviews of romance by Nancy Warren.)

    Esme Shane has had it with workaholic men, men who have more money than they could ever spend but who continue to grub after ever-more. When her friend Mirilee asks her to deliver business proposal to her brother, Dane, Esme fears she's in for another workaholic--and that's what she finds. Still, there's no denying the sexual chemistry that flows between the two of them. And sexual chemistry is something that ex-sex-therapist Esme knows everything about--at least she thought she did, but nothing in her experience compares to the way she responds to Dane's touch, his kiss. (In Good Hands by E. C. Sheedy).

    In BAYOU BAD BOYS, authos Ross, Warren, and Sheedy combine to spin stories of hot and steamy lust in the Big Easy and Cajun country, Louisianna. Readers looking for a fun and sexy read will want to grab this one.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 11/27/05

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