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    Review of AN ANGEL IN STONE by Peggy Nicholson


    Silhouette Bombshell #48, June 2005

    Fossil hunter Raine Ashaway, part of a multi-generational bone-hunting family, gets an irresistible opportunity to bid on a rare treasure--an opalized T-Rex. But her family's arch-enemy, Kincade, seeks the same treasure. There is also a third, unknown bidder who will stop at nothing--not even murder--to beat everyone to the multi-million-dollar relic.

    As the three treasure seekers converge on Borneo, each with a part of the puzzle, Raine and Kincade take turns outsmarting each other and engaging in verbal sparring and sizzling sex. But eventually they must join forces if they want to reach the dino before their cruel, murderous enemy.

    Raine is the quintessential Bombshell heroine--glamorous, powerful, athletic, and with a poison dart gun hidden in her parasol. The descriptions of Borneo will take the reader there. You'll feel the steamy jungle, hear the rushing river, smell the orchids. For anyone who loved Romancing the Stone, this book is for you. I can't wait to read the rest of The Bone Hunters series.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/12/05

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