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    Review of WHOSE CHILD by Susan Gable (see her website)

    Harlequin SuperRomance #1204, May 2004

    When she found out the horrible truth--and her friend David wouldn't even listen to her, Lexie had fled--fled to protect the child she carried, the child she'd agreed to bear for her friend. She's tried to create a life for her wonderful daughter. Despite having to give up her career, all contact with her family, even getting a new drivers license, Lexie is happy to have Sarah as her child. But when David's private detective finally tracks Lexie down, her world turns to horror. David is intent on bringing 'his daughter' back to Erie PA with him--and if Lexie wants to fight him, he'll have her arrested for kidnapping. Because genetically, Sarah is no part of Lexie, even if she did carry her for nine months.

    David has a lot to learn about having a child--how not to get bit, how quickly to respond when she asks for a bucket, how to get her to the bathroom in a department store without getting arrested. He's certain of one thing, though. He's already sacrificed too much time with his daughter, missed too many firsts. And nobody, not even Lexie who obviously loves Sarah, is going to keep him from having his daughter.

    Author Susan Gable (see more reviews of novels by Gable) brings her deft touch to a highly emotional subject--the definition of what constitutes a parent. Lexie obviously loves Sarah, but does this give her the right to steal her from her genetic parents--people whom she promised the bear the child? And can a genetic father simply walk into a situation, seize his child, and leave the woman who has cared for her for years with nothing? Because there aren't obvious answers, the conflict is intensified.

    Old emotional scars, betrayals, and self-doubts make any compromise seem impossible. Gable hooks the reader into this emotional story and doesn't let up.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/06/04

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