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    WHERE IS HE NOW by Jennifer Greene

    Avon, December 2003

    A fifteen-year class reunion is coming up, and it's time for the prom queen, the most-likely-to-succeed jock, the brainy nerd and the outrageous girl rock singer to come to terms with their pasts and their dreams.

    Jeanne Claire and Nate, the golden, popular couple who everyone assumed would marry, broke up shortly after graduation. But they've always loved each other, and now they have to explore the reasons for their break-up, realize the mistakes they made and correct them. They have to reclaim their own lives, their own dreams, before they can be what the other needs.

    Arnold, the former brainy nerd, is now a millionaire, but still carrying a torch for funky Tamara, who ignored him in school. Now, however, Tamara, who recorded a couple of hit songs but then sank into a life of drugs, has all new priorities--and an all new appreciation for Arnold. But can Arnold overcome his insecurities to accept that Tamara might really love him?

    Now, I am a big fan of Jennifer Greene's category romances at Silhouette. She's a legend. But this big book didn't thrill me. The class reunion theme has been so overdone. And it felt more like two category romances cobbled together than the deeper, more complex story I was hoping for. Still, it was smoothly written, the love scenes were satisfyingly steamy, and there were some nice moments and humorous scenes that brought a smile to my face. Ms. Greene's observations about dreams and disappointments were perceptive, I thought.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 2/08/04

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