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    Review of SPITTING FEATHERS by Kelly Harte

    Red Dress Inc., March 2004

    Photographer-hopeful Tao Tandy needs a job and needs a place to stay so, when she finds a house-sitting gig and a job photographing food for a sexy television chef, her life suddenly seems to be on track. Especially since the chef likes more than just her pictures. Admittedly, the housesitting job is a bit demanding since it comes with a needy parrot (African Grey) who hates everyone except his owner, Tao, and the gardener, Chris. But a needy bird soon becomes the least of Tao's problems when her parents' marriage disintegrates, valuable paintings get stolen, and the celebrity chef seems to be keeping a part of his life under covers.

    Author Kelly Harte uses a breezy and fresh style as she details the life of Tao and her single girlfriends in London. Sir Galahad (Sirg), the bird is an amusing character with a strong personality (do birds have personalities or birdalities?) and always something to say. The human characters are a bit more problamatic. Peter Parker, sometime hoodlum and spiderman wanna-be who still lives with his mother shows promise but Harte doesn't really develop him. Despite Tao's problems, however, her constant egocentrism and snobishness makes her hard to like. Her obliviousness to what's going on around her and her terrible decisions about men would be funnier if she seemed to learn from them.

    Despite some problems, SPITTING FEATHERS is a cute and well-written story.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 5/07/04

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