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    Review of SHADOWED MEMORIES by Cathy Richard Dodson (see her website), October 2004

    Shadowed Memories by Cathy Richard Dodson cover Orphan Anne Cowper is raised by a strict minister, kept hard at work, but finds enough time to make friends with a mysterious woman on the English moors and with a wild pony. At 17, her guardian tells her that she is to be sent to London, to his sister. But what starts out as a simple journey turns into a nightmare as Anne's guide first deserts her and then attempts to rape her.

    Struggling to escape and survive, Anne meets the affluent and handsome Lyle, Lyle's sister Sarah, and Lyle's dark and mysterious friend Ian. Lyle and Sarah quickly take Anne into their hearts, welcoming her to Lyle's huge mansion and Lyle begins making plans for a future for the two of them. But Anne is drawn to the angry but hunky Ian. Her dreams warn her that she must make the right choice--but is the choice between the two men, or is there some other adventure that she must face?

    Author Cathy Richard Dodson delivers an exciting Gothic Romance with a strong paranormal element running through it. Lyle, Ian, and Anne have lived through a love triangle before--and the earlier Anne made terrible choices that continue to haunt her through the ages. Anne has enemies--some overt and some hidden--that push her to repeat past mistakes. Only the memory of her mysterious friend keeps her straight.

    If you enjoy a good dark Gothic, you'll definitely want to get your hands on SHADOWED MEMORIES,

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/23/04

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    • SHADOWED MEMORIES by Cathy Richard Dodson (added September 23, 2004).
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    Linda L. at The Romance Studio says "SHADOWED MEMORIES is a story that no one should miss reading. There are so many unexpected plot twists that keep the reader fascinated with every spin. The characters are all well developed and you get a real sensational feel for all of them....This is an extraordinary read that I truly enjoyed." Five Hearts. Read the entire review.

    Katrina of says, "The author writes a remarkable story...I really enjoyed this book...A must read."Read the full review.

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