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    Review of AN INVITATION TO SEDUCTION by Lorraine Heath (see her website)

    Avon, June, 2004

    Kitty Robertson has it all figured out. She'll marry Lord Nicholas Farthington, be a respectable woman, and never suffer the humiliating frailties of womanhood--the frailties that led her mother to bear her out of wedlock and offer her for adoption. When she sees the naked man at the seashore, she knows that he's everything she fears--sensual pleasure, masculine power, and a dark energy that threatens everything she holds precious. Fortunately, negotiations for her mariage settlement are nearly complete. She's nothing if not loyal and no temptation could make her abandon her husband.

    Richard Stanbury, Duke of Weddington, guards his emotions and his life. He's never fallen in love with a woman, never wanted to. But there's something about the beautiful American that attracts him. He and Farthington may be friends, but he knows that he could make Kitty happy in ways that Farthington never could. He admires Kitty's loyalty to her friend, but he sees the way she responds to him--even unwillingly. Without meaning to, Richard begins to plot the unthinkable--seducing another man's fiancee out from under his nose.

    Author Lorraine Heath (see more reviews of novels by Heath) creates a sensuous tale of a woman's growth as Kitty comes to understand the beauty as well as the risks of surrendering to her body's needs. But AN INVITATION TO SEDUCTION is more than just a story of uncontrollable desire--the very features that make Kitty most precious to Richard, her loyalty, her ability to strive for a goal, and her willingness to sacrifice herself for others are the things that make it impossible for her to abandon Farthington--a man she really does love, if without the passion she feels for Richard. By not falling into the easy trap of making Farthington somehow evil, Heath deepens Kitty's emotional dilemma and increases the reader's emotional stake in a happy ending--an ending that seems impossible to attain.

    Lorraine Heath is one of the hottest historical romance authors writing and AN INVITATION TO SEDUCTION lets you see why.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/09/04

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