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    HOT IN THE SADDLE by Rob Preece (see his website), April 2004

    Hot in the Saddle by Rob Preece cover Since the Start Bicycling Company pulled the rug out from his dreams, Max Sandow has been fighting for his survival in the industry he loves. He's finally got his company going, winning some business and doing what he loves. When Joli Start, of the Start Bicycling family walks into his factory, the only thing he wants to see is her gone. But Joli needs Max--she's agreed to a cross-country bicycle race for control of her family's business--and it'll take a miracle for her to win. Max, sometimes known as Miracle Max, is the one coach who just might be able to pull off the upset of the century. Joli thinks its just business--but she's willing to pay anything, do anything it takes, to win Max as her coach. When she makes him an offer he can't refuse, Max reluctantly agrees. But neither really knows what they're getting into. Because this isn't just a bike race, they're risking their bodies, and their hearts.

    Based (extremely loosely) on author Rob Preece's (see more reviews of novels by Rob Preece) attempt at a cross-country bicycle trip, HOT IN THE SADDLE combines steamy sex, an exciting journey that offers both Max and Joli self-discovery as well as a physical trip, and an emotionally satisfying conflict and resolution. Max and Joli are both competitors, intent on their goals--and the growing attraction they feel for one another can never erase the fact that their goals are in complete conflict.

    The realistic setting and the intense action of the bicycle race will appeal to fans of Lance Armstrong's Tour de France wins, but they're really backdrop to the real action of the story--the growing attraction between two characters who know that the only way they have a chance to be together is for Joli to lose--but who are both too proud to even think about throwing the race and letting Joli's evil cousin take the company and the only family Joli has ever known.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/25/04 (Revised 3/27/04)

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    NovelSpot reviewer Tammy Adams gave HOT IN THE SADDLE 9 out of 10 and said: 'A great read that deserves the highest marks I can give.' Read the entire review here.

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