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    Review of THE ETERNAL HIGHLANDER by Hannah Howell (see her website) and Lynsay Sands (see her website)

    Kensington, September 2004

    Cathal MacNachton has vowed that his people breed with the normal humans, gradually eliminate the traits that make them exceptional--and feared. When beautiful Bridget Callan's guards turn to brigandage nearby and his men rescue her, he realizes he has a great opportunity to practice what he is teaching. Bridget would make a perfect wife. But not everyone in the clan agrees--some, the purebloods, want to continue in their old ways, even if those ways left them increasingly infertile. Because those old ways were the ways of eternal life, fear of the sun, and a love of blood. The only thing is, the Callan family has their own secrets and their own breeding program. Cathal is definitely getting more than he planned on.

    Connall MacAdie had met Eva Caxton in court and if he has to marry someone, it might as well be her. Her brother refuses to provide a dowry, and certainly is willing to pawn her off on Connall--even if it means ignoring strange rumors about his family. The not-too-bright Eva is filled with energy as she begins her new life as the bride of a man who never seems around during the day. She comes up with excuses for everything--until Connall is wounded and turns to her for what he needs to stay alive--blood.

    Authors Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands (see more reviews of stories by Sands) combine in these two cute and funny stories of Scottish lairds, vampires, and family intrigue. Of the two, 'Nightriders' by Hannah Howell is more straightforward adventure while 'The Highland Bride' is a bit of a farce, with Eva continually tripping over herself, stubornly trying to help out and making things worse, and worrying about where that big sausage will go at the end of the male/female wrestling match.

    THE ETERNAL HIGHLANDER is a good quick read with plenty of chuckles.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 11/05/04

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