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    DALLAS VICE by Amy Eastlake, May 2004

    Dallas Vice by Amy Eastlake cover Texas Ranger Nick Odessa has been sent undercover for one reason only--to root out the corruption that has settled into the Dallas Police Department, especially its Vice unit. Odessa is a lone wolf and the one-riot, one-ranger mentality of the Texas Rangers suits him fine. But to do this job, he's paired with sexy Lisa Bolinski. Lisa is a vice cop who, according to some rumors, stands at the center of the corruption that threatens to overtake the Dallas Police force. The only problem is, Odessa can't help his own physical reaction to Lisa. He's not the kind of guy who wastes time with if-only's, but if only Lisa wasn't rotten--if only there was some way to protect her from the fall Odessa fully intends to bring about.

    Lisa Bolinski has seen the dangers of drugs and prostitution first-hand, from her mother's fall into addiction. She's dedicated her life to stomping them out--even as her acting-out little sister dabbles with those same crimes. Now she's stuck with a partner who seems to know too much and be too dangerous for the fresh-from-the-police-academy he's supposed to be. Their relationship explodes far beyond what is allowed a police sergeant and her rookie partner, but Lisa suspects that Odessa is playing his own game--a game that might be criminal. As Nick and Lisa struggle to trust one another, they stumble on the dangerous truth about what is going on in Dallas. But they're also stumbling over each other's damaged hearts. Because neither can fully trust the other, and without trust, both know that a relationship is impossible. favorite author Amy Eastlake (see more reviews of novels by Amy Eastlake) really turns up the steam in this story. Lisa and Nick confront an attraction that threatens to undermine everything that both of them believe in, face truly nasty badguys, and finally confront Lisa's worst nightmare. They know that they can succeed only by working together, but even that is difficult. With Nick due to return to Austin once this case is completed, how can either hope that this will be anything more than a short-lived fling--just more DALLAS VICE?

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/03/04

    Want more? Wateena at Coffee Time Romance says "I was totally immersed until the story was over. The sex scenes are hotter than the summer desert sand. Dallas Vice is a great read..." Thanks, Coffee Time Romance. Read the entire review here.

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